Carasco by Leitner

Exquisitely woven in the +150 year Leitner tradition, Carasco provides architectural diversity when paired with luscious linens. The entire diversity of linen is revealed in the design: "Coarse Wicker.” It acts as the rustic counterweight to the extremely fine weaves in the Leitner Leinen assortment and is an individual design element for a range of interior concepts. It introduces a touch of the conscious down-to-earth quality to ultra modern interiors, but can also lend a virtuoso modern flavor to traditional living rooms.

Dry clean only.
Why is this, if linen is a natural fiber?

Often dry cleaning is required, not because of the fibers themselves, but because of the coloring, construction of the weave, or the sewing technique.Also, the use of inserts, different linings, and certain buttons can all make dry cleaning the recommended option.

It is no mere coincidence that Leitner Leinen was established in Austria’s Mühlviertel region, where, since the Middle Ages, flax has been cultivated out of the necessity of making a virtue out of the unfavourable soil conditions. In fact, flowering flax fields have dominated the landscape of the Mühlviertel for centuries. Out of what initially began as a cottage industry for local farmers, emerged as a specialist trade in the main towns in the 18th century that was engaged in weaving canvas and linen textiles, and in bleaching, dying and the associated retail business. During the Renaissance, the linen from the area between the Großer Mühl and the Danube was a sought-after quality product that equalled the standards of its competitors in France and Belgium. This is still true today.

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