L. Bedspread

Ah, it's a trick. There is no L and there is no bedspread on our anatomically correct bed!

We grew up with bedspreads and you probably did too. We have no idea what happened to them but, frankly, we're glad they're gone.

Don't you remember the little tricks to make sure that just the right amount of fabric was tucked back under the pillows— not too much, not too little? And how un-made the bed looked if there was even the slightest sheet or blanket wrinkle underneath? And how those bedspreads had so much polyester?

And forget about the bouncing quarter; who has time for that these days?

Sorry, no bedspreads here. Our philosopy is the practical European approach: pull the sheet and blanket up in the morning (wrinkles be damned!), fluff your pillows, and give your duvet a good shake or two, lay it out over the bed, and presto, your bed-making chores are done for the day!