J. Bedskirt

Bedskirt. Dust Ruffle. Same thing.

Unfortunately both names refer to an aspect of women's clothing which is unfortunate because bedskirts are gender-free!

If you want ruffly, flirty, vivacious and skirty, we can do that. But typically we recommend bedskirts that are more neutral and somewhat understated so that the beauty of the bed ensemble shines through. We also like neutral so that when we change our bedding every month or two (hey, we're in the business!) we don't have to change the skirt!

Be on the lookout for bedskirts in two general versions: ruffled and tailored. Ruffled, as the name implies, has many gathers which permit the fabric to bunch up and create a billowed affect around the bed. Tailored skirts tend to have one pleat detail on each of the three sides (if you need a four-sided skirt we can accomodate you) and the fabric hangs straight down to the floor providing a cleaner, simpler look.