D. Duvet Cover

Dictionary Alert: A duvet is a soft quilt filled with down. A duvet cover is the envelope-like case that covers and protects the duvet.

Typically the duvet cover is in a more decorative fabric than, say, your sheets, and the same decorative fabric might also appear on the bed in pillow shams and a bed skirt.

Most of the duvet covers French Quarter Linens sells are produced in bedding-width fabrics which means that there are no seams across the two two faces of the duvet cover. (most domestic fabrics require seams on duvet covers). This also means that, typically, they can be machine washed and dried like the rest of your bedding.

For our European-ized customers who don't like a flat sheet separating them from their duvet, most of our sheet fabrics are also available in duvet covers.

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