B. Fitted Sheet

This sheet is the hard one to fold and the easy one to put on the bed: it has pocket corners and elastic that make it fit snugly and securely to your mattress.

While hotels use only flat sheets when making beds, the average citizen prefers a fitted bottom sheet that doesn't bunch up while tossing and turning!

The biggest question we get about fitted sheets is how to fold them. It's easy: take all four corner pockets and put them one inside the other, lay on a flat surface, fold the edges in a few inches so the mass lies flat, then fold as normal.

Fitted sheets have the potential to wear out more quickly than other bedding elements for three reasons: there are more wear-points with the pockets and with the sewn-in elastic; the sheet is stretched tautly over the mattress which stresses the fabric; and the fitted sheet bears the most wear from rubbing, body hair and toe nails.

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